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compositions and abstractions

"The patterns and forms that are all around us - natural or manmade - shape the richness that fills our lives. Fashioning earth, minerals, and fire into new designs and ideas is a very enjoyable process for us.

Our work reflects our interest in architecture and lifelong interest in the material, design, and the integration process. Wood, steel, and clay, in an abstract way, represents our environment at its rawest core. We combine ceramic forms and remnant woodcuts, integrating them with steel to form a conceptual vision, idea, or just an abstract design. The idea and aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi - finding beauty in imperfection - is our inspiration"

Ruth Shavit is a ceramicist and lifelong early childhood educator and a community leader. Jacob Shavit is a graduate of the school of architecture Cal Poly Pomona and is experienced in construction, furniture making, and professionally in the high-tech world as a System Architect.

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